Phillip Tang

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Hi my name is Phillip and I don't really know what I'm doing.

It’s not exactly that I’m bored, it’s more like I’ve lost the ability to hold interest in anything. I’m so uninspired and lethargic and I don’t really want to do anything but drink coffee and smoke cigarettes and lay down. Another thing is that I’m very angry, mostly at myself, but at everyone else too. It’s my birthday and my heart is breaking and I worked for four and a half hours today and I have class at 9 tomorrow and my mom yelled at me so I’m going to get some horchata and do my accounting homework.

Ever since I stopped journaling and writing about daily events and feelings and shit, I also stopped blogging, because they’re essentially the same thing. The majority of the things that happen to me are insignificant and I cannot write more than a sentence without boring myself. It isn’t important. It doesn’t mean anything. I hardly even want to remember it.